Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why now???

The question should really be why at all. Well I love blogs. I have a long list of blogs that I read everyday. But I have to say the thought of starting my own blog did not even cross my mind. But in a conversation with a friend who does have a blog (hi Beverly) she said she does her blog to keep in touch with her family and friends who don't get to see her kids daily. So I let that rattle around my brain for a little while. Then today I saw that little Blogger icon in the corner of one of the blogs I read and decided to see how easy it was. MAN IS IT EASY!!
So that being said I'm not sure if I will have a lot say but I will try to at least post some pictures every once and awhile.

Here's a pretty important one. Brenna got baptised Easter weekend. Our church has a beautiful outdoor baptistery. Notice the big crowd. Miss Jenny and Mr. Marcus her two youth pastors baptised her and Blair got to be with her. I got to take pictures. Afterwards Caleb said he wanted to do it too but I think he just wanted to swim in the baptistery.

Caleb learned about tally marks in Kindergarten. Here he is practising on the back wall. Notice Fat Max keeping watch.

This is Riley on Easter. His t-shirt says "Someday I'll be your boss". He has decided to grow his hair out like his friend Tyler's. So right now he looks like a cute little skater dude and a lot like his Grandpa Denny. I'll take a new picture and post it next time.

Here are the kids on Box Day. It's was the day we got all our boxes from Sonlight the home school curriculum we use. I was totally excited. The kids, honestly, could have not cared less. But they didn't do all the research I did either.
That's all for now. I will take some more recent pics this week and post them soon.


savn777 said...

Does this take the place of actually calling me now?
Love, Sar

Beverly said...

Hey! Welcome to bloggers' world! I finally had a chance to check out the blog...and was NOT surprised by the layout you picked. It's so you!!

I enjoyed seeing the picture/video of Brenna getting baptized when they did a baptism montage at church recently!